Leads the charge in implementing immersive 3D technology that reveals the full impact of catastrophic damages sustained by property owners. By utilizing a walkthrough approach, we ensure that no area is overlooked. This process begins with a detailed dollhouse model of the property that we build upon. Our highly trained field technicians use a Matterport camera attached to a tripod dolly system that allows them to rotate the camera radius. The result is a fully rendered 3D version of the property where clients can walk their property virtually on our data cloud.

While this information may be sufficient for some companies, it only shows one piece of the puzzle. Our technicians look beneath the surface of the structure with moisture readings, thermal scans, and high-resolution photographs to reveal the full extent of the damage. This information is then embedded into the virtual model of the property for a single, comprehensive, written and visual report, that provides both written and visual proof of loss. The Building Works team is ready to come alongside you and help ease the burdens of post-disaster recovery.

3D Matterports

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Thermal Scans detect temperature variances in materials to precisely locate possible damage. These scans provide important details and information of any abnormalities in the building materials, revealing damage not visible to the naked eye.

Capacitance testing detects moisture by measuring electrical resistance through varying materials and depth. This allows our technicians to assess moisture levels beneath the surface and help diagnose moisture-related issues.

Building Works International compiles all the information from these tests, and all assessed visible damage, together for a comprehensive report of the current property conditions, conveniently noted inside a Matterport model.