3D Property Inspections



A totally new way to engage in claim inspection and photographic evidence retention.


Introducing 3D property inspections.  For a surprisingly minimal fee, Building Works International can go to the loss site and conduct a full three dimensional inspection that captures the entire site AND creates a virtual model where you can actually walk through the affected areas to "see" with your own eyes the entirety of the damages. We have rapid response teams ready to deploy, call us today.  Realize the following benefits today:

  • Get complete and full documentation of the entire loss.
  • Gain the ability to view the totally of the claim, both claimed damages and undamaged.
  • Look at the actual contents that are in the loss, don't wonder about if contents lists are complete and have needless disputes over quality and costs
  • See the actual conditions that required mitigation, resolve disputes with an actual walk-through of the damaged dwelling.
  • Easily engage the services of engineers and experts, walk the damages on the web and reduce travel and inspection costs.
  • Get room layouts and dimensions!
  • There is no more thourough inspection documentation available.


Here is a short video explaining the advantages and showing the technology

Walk a sample property after a flooding loss:

A sample of the dimensions provided after a scan: